Owner Testimonials

Marie Rodriguez

West Rochester, New York

Marie Rodriguez is an owner of a Happier at Home Franchise in West Rochester, New York. She has been an owner for the past two years. Marie finds joy in assisting seniors and the rewarding feeling of working within her community. In addition, Marie loves that she is making a difference in people’s lives. Happier at Home allows Marie and her staff to work personally with their clients and form lifelong bonds with them. 

Marie shares how she recently visited a patient’s home late one night after their child expressed concern for their parents and lived thousands of miles away. The empathy and compassion that Marie and many other Happier at Home Franchise owners show is impeccable. It is truly a lifestyle.

Kevin Arnold

Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Kevin Arnold is the owner of a Happier at Home franchise in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. As one of our newest franchisees, Kevin is still navigating the space and working toward establishing his business in the area. Kevin provides a unique perspective because he is one of our franchisees that had an existing business prior to starting Happier at Home. As a pharmacy owner, Kevin saw the opportunity that expanding his services offered and knew this was something that he could not pass up on. By opening a Happier at Home, Kevin was able to offer his existing clients even more services and really become a leader in senior care in his territory. In addition, his trusted reputation from his pharmacy made it that much easier to gain the trust of his community members.

Trent Voelkl

Buffalo, New York

Trent Voelkl is the owner of two Happier at Home franchises in Buffalo, New York. Trent is also an owner of two pharmacies in Buffalo. He uses Happier at Home to offer his existing customer base more services. Additionally, he was able to get various contacts from case managers, hospitals, doctors and nursing homes that help to build his reputation and referrals within the community. Listen as Trent shares his experience as a Happier at Home Franchisee.