Frequently Asked Questions

A care advocate is similar to a geriatric care manager, but at Happier at Home, we do not perform actual medical activities. However, the services we offer are constantly in high demand and include: attending discharge appointments, assessing the needs and goals of the ones we care for, attending doctors’ appointments to make sure their medical regimen is being met, and much more.

For far too long, pharmacy owners have only fit into the paradigm of filling prescriptions. It’s time to expand your business as a medical professional and provide services that help improve the quality of care in your community, increase medication compliance, and help seniors remain in their homes.

Debbie Marcello, CEO of Happier at Home, explains how she is a resource for anyone starting their own franchise business. Once the operator of her own Happier at Home business, she has the experience to help support and grow your franchise.

Ryan Lindner has joined Happier at Home as our Franchise Business Coach and Training Coordinator. He will guide all of our franchisees from pre-training activities through the entire process of mastering our systems and positioning your Happier at Home business for optimal success.


The sandwich generation is made up of those who are trying to care for their aging parents while also caring for and raising their own children. Providing services to help elderly people stay in their homes and remain independent, while alleviating a lot of the stressors that the sandwich generation faces, is a really important role that you can play in your community.

We understand that many pharmacy owners do not have the experience in starting a business or becoming entrepreneurs; therefore, we have put together our business model and how we can help pharmacy owners expand into in-home care services and be able to get cash-based revenue.

  1. The people you supply medications need you as an addtional resource.
  2. Different facilities need to refer to you.
  3. Provides a recurring cash based revenue stream.

The quick answer is YES! Happier at Home franchises are separate from independent pharmacies and other companies. If you do own a pharmacy and a Happier at Home franchise you will have increased brand recognition, as well as resources and processes to help you increase your private pay revenue!

The combination of in-home care with Happier at Home and your pharmacy allows you to provide comprehensive, holistic care to your clients, while capitalizing on a private pay source of revenue.

Utilize a combination of the medical at home model and Happier at Home as a pharmacy owner to increase your private pay revenue and provide the best care for your community.

Do you have positive cash flow? In this video, Debbie Marcello, Founder and CEO of Happier at Home, provides insight on how to operate on positive cash flow as a Happier at Home Franchisee.

Since Happier at Home is an emerging franchisor we have many territories available leaving you with countless options. In addition, we ensure that our franchises will have adequate populations. Our competitors require 14,000 seniors in territories whereas we require 40,000.

Founder and CEO, Debbie Marcello, outlines the steps in the process of becoming a Happier at Home franchisee.

There is a lot of research that goes behind choosing your territory in order to ensure that it can support your business. Debbie expands on this further in her FAQ series.

Implementing the Happier at Home business model helps your pharmacy to increase quality of care for your clients by strengthening your connection to the healthcare system.

You do not have to be in the medical field! Being a Happier at Home franchise owner is all about having a business-focused and entrepreneurial mindset. Medical expertise is not mandatory!

Since Happier at Home is an emerging franchisor, we have many territories across the US that are available. We can meet personally with you to discuss specific territories and assess profitability in those areas.

We determine our territories through various factors. We prefer our territories to have populations of over 300,000, with a senior population of 40,000,and we also assess median income to ensure profitability.

As a franchisee, you are providing non-medical home care, companion care services, medication management solutions, geriatric care and virtual visits.

If you are a current business owner, Happier at Home can help you expand your current business. Our franchise model is organized to expand your current services into home and community based businesses. We have had many successes with business owners, such as Pharmacy owners, who implemented Happier at Home as one of their offerings.

Choosing to expand services with an emerging franchisor provides many added benefits including more territory availability, direct access to CEO Debbie Marcello, and one on one support.

Now is the best time to enter the senior care industry! Senior care is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. Baby Boomers are turning 65 at a rate of 10,000 people per day! This, in addition to the changes in the healthcare industry, are resulting in people exploring other avenues, such as in-home senior care.

At Happier at Home, we are a family. We are dedicated to your success in addition to making a difference in our clients’ lives.

We optimize through 3 streams of revenue; companion care, care advocacy and medication management. Additionally, we focus on private pay sources of revenue to maximize your profit margins.

We offer all of the training, documents, processes, social media marketing and any recruiting/hiring needs. We are there to support you 24 hours a day!

Hands-on care is dependent on which territory your franchise is in. Certain states require licenses to provide hands-on care. Our Happier at Home staff will guide you through this process and help you navigate all of the necessary steps.

Our franchise model, that includes private pay, helps you to increase revenue to your current business.

Using your lifetime of knowledge, skills, experience and expertise only supports you as a franchise owner and makes it the right time at any time.

Our sales process typically takes about 3 months. We want to guide you through each step of our process because each step is vital. We go through the discovery process, the Franchise Disclosure Document and Agreement as well as all of the necessary training, while answering any questions you may have along the way.

We are able to handle your social media marketing fully at our corporate headquarters, this includes social media content creation, posting, SEO, analytics reports, etc. Many franchises appreciate the fact that their social media marketing is handled for them whereas others prefer to be more involved. We adjust our strategy with your preferences.

Many of our existing franchise owners are Pharmacy owners as well and adding Happier at Home has helped to increase offerings to existing clients. Happier at Home serves as a funnel for those clients to bring them from the pharmacy to Happier at Home.

This may seem like a massive responsibility from the outside. But our training process ensures that you will be well equipped to do so by ensuring that you are hiring qualified people to help assist you with running your Happier at Home franchise.

Happier at Home stands out amongst competitors for a plethora of reasons; our name, our marketing and our  branding to list a few.

Many pharmacies offer compliance packing to their customers and wonder if offering medication management as a Happier at Home franchisee will interfere with that. Debbie answers how these can both be offered.

CEO and Founder, Debbie Marcello, outlines each step in the process of becoming a Happier at Home franchisee.

Many pharmacy owners have been enjoying the benefits of COVID relief income, but that will be coming to an end soon. Debbie discusses the strategic benefit that Happier at Home can provide to pharmacy owners at this time.

Happier at Home can help you increase customers to your independent pharmacy with compliance packaging and home care services. We have shown to be an asset to independent pharmacy owners and allow you to expand your services and better serve your customer base.

We encourage you to speak with current franchise owners before you make your decision. This will help you hear from those who were once in your position. Additionally, if you are a pharmacy owner who is expanding into home care, we have many franchisees who are also pharmacy owners. You can ask them about their unique experience franchising with Happier at Home.