Ideal Franchisee

Whether you are a business owner serving only seniors, an independent pharmacy, or any business in between, innovation and growth will help your business continue to exist and thrive in the future. Becoming a Happier At Home business owner and expanding into home-based services is a strategy to achieve this. Happier At Home’s business model is proven to function smoothly hand-in-hand with independent pharmacies, or other

businesses. Let us show you how becoming an owner of a Happier At Home franchise will complement your business and allow your company to grow.

As an individual, we look for someone who enjoys networking, creates and fosters relationships with clients, families, referral sources and the community; is competitive, willing to follow processes (although willing to challenge outdated thinking, systems and ideas), goal-oriented, flexible, creative, an innovative problem solver, comfortable giving presentations, can empower and hold others accountable, deep commitment to success; has experience in leading/mentoring employees & business operations, exceptional time management, communication, and multi-tasking skills and a passion for making a powerful impact on people’s lives.